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The court heard Chakib Bellaoui, 26, offered his spare room to rent after hearing the teenager needed a place to live

A teenager was held hostage, beaten and repeatedly raped during a visit to a house to look at a spare room, a court heard.

The 18-year-old victim was allegedly put through the ordeal for 15 hours at a flat in north London.

Chakib Bellaoui, 26, offered his spare room to rent after hearing the teenager needed a place to live.

Mr Bellaoui denies false imprisonment, four counts of rape and one count of grievous bodily harm.

Opening the case, prosecutor Abigail Husbands told jurors the complainant and a male friend had met Mr Bellaoui, of Tottenham, earlier that day and swapped numbers before a night out.

Phone lost

They went to Mr Bellaoui’s flat and took cocaine after a night out clubbing in February, Wood Green Crown Court heard.

The complainant’s friend then left, having apparently lost his phone, and she subsequently found herself having sex with the defendant, prosecutors said.

Ms Husbands said: “She couldn’t remember whether it was with her consent but it may have been.

“But what was happening in the bedroom changed.

“She distinctly remembers the defendant wanting anal sex. She said that was not happening, she said no, and he just ignored her, held her down by her wrists, she was trying to fight back but it didn’t work.”

Mr Bellaoui is accused of raping her three more times before forbidding her to leave or get dressed, Ms Husbands said.

He then locked his door before violently “battering her”, jurors heard.

‘Covered in blood’

In a police interview played to the court the complainant, who had black eyes, told officers: “I was begging him to let me leave. I was really scared.

“He slapped me and I finally hit him back and he started battering me.

“Then he got a knife and I got really scared.

“He cut himself so I knew he would not be scared to cut me so I sat down and played along with an idea I could go back and get my stuff and live with him for two weeks as a trial period.”

After escaping and “screaming for help covered in blood”, a member of the public called police, she said.

Mr Bellaoui was arrested in North Wales in March, around a month later as he tried to board a ferry to Dublin.

His DNA was found on swabs taken from the complainant, the court heard.

The trial continues.

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